To join the HFG, you simply buy a group share which covers all three aircraft.  Then get checked out on any that you wish to fly.

New members can buy into the group providing shares are available, or buy a share from a member wishing to sell but we do conduct a brief interview with potential members to ensure we suit their needs (and vice-versa) We do not impose a minimum hour requirement, we welcome everyone, from seasoned ATPL holders to the new PPL, however a check flight will need to be carried out by our CRI.

To fly either the Wassmer or Emeraude will require that an appropriate qualification for variable pitch propellers or tail wheel  aircraft is held.

How much does it cost? The share costs £1750 which is yours to sell as and when you require. In addition to the share price there is a non-refundable £200 joining fee.

What about on-going and flying costs? Members pays a monthly sum of £75 by standing order into the groups’ bank account. The hourly flying costs depend on what aircraft you fly - The Emeraude is £65 per hour, and the Wassmer and Robin are £90 per hour. This is the ‘wet’ rate (includes fuel and oil)

Are there any other costs? Everyone who owns and flies aircraft at Popham must join the Spitfire Flying Club which is currently £155/year (£120 for seniors!) In return for this you get unrestricted access to the airfield,  unrestricted use of the pilot briefing and planning room, which includes a computer for NOTAMS, weather etc. and free landings. Popham also has it’s own website where you can check for current weather conditions.

Many events take place at Popham throughout the year, both aviation and non-aviation (vintage car & motor bike shows for example) and entry into these events is also free to Spitfire Club Members.

Note - All costs and rates are as at 20 Jan 2021

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Members help with running the group. Regular meetings are held at Popham Airfield, usually the first Sunday of each month, and once a year we have an AGM when a committee is elected to take responsibility for day-to-day matters. Others members act as a ‘minder’ for each aeroplane, their role being to get problems fixed, arrange service, co-ordinate technical matters, and so on.

In Summary: